Data protection declaration

1. Information on the collection of personal data

(1) Below I inform you on how the personal data that is collected whilst using the services of is processed. Personal data covers all data that can be related to you personally, for example your name, address, email addresses, phone number or user behaviour.

(2) The responsible person pursuant to Art. 4 (7) EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) is Hilmar Nehm, Attorney at Law, Kaiserberg 10, 40878 Ratingen, Tel. +49 (0)2102 864268-0, Fax +49 (0)2102 864268-4, E Mail

(3) According to statutory provisions, a data protection officer is not required.

(4) Personal data are processed to discharge contractual obligations from client’s commissions and in connection with other contractual relationships (e.g. public authorities, suppliers, banks, service providers) as well as to provide information about services and associated legal topics (point (b) of Art. 6 (1) GDPR). Your data may also be used for my own purposes within the scope of a balancing of interests (point (f) of Art. 6 (1) GDPR). Express reference is made to the right to object to such a usage.

2. Your rights

(1) You have the following rights vis-à-vis myselve with respect to the personal data concerning you:

  • Right to access,
  • Right to rectification or erasure,
  • Right to restriction of processing,
  • Right to object to processing, in particular in the event of processing on the basis of a balancing of interests
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to revoke your consent to the processing

The conditions for the establishment of the individual rights can be found in the GDPR, in particular in the regulations of Art. 12-22 GDPR.

(2) You also have the right to lodge a complaint about processing of your personal data with a data protection supervisory authority.

3. collection of personal data when visiting this website

(1) If you do not agree to the collection and processing of data in the manner described below during access from the Internet, please leave this website, do not download any further parts of my website to your computer and do not contact us per email. Because the data is collected and stored automatically.

(2) Personal data are also process personal data that is collected during a simple visit to these websites so as to improve this web presence, in consideration of the applicable data protection regulations. Personal data will neither publish nor forward or disclose to third parties without authorization.

When you visit these websites, web servers save each access temporarily in a log file. The following data is collected and stored until automatic deletion:

  • IP address of the accessing computer
  • The date and time of access
  • Time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GTM)
  • The name and URL of the retrieved file
  • The amount of data transferred
  • A message as to whether the access was successful
  • Identification data for the browser and operating system used
  • Referring Internet site Content of the request - concrete page
  • Name of your Internet access provider
  • Access status/http status code
  • Browser
  • Operating system and its interface
  • Language and version of the browser software

This data is processed for the purpose of enabling the use of the website (establishment of a connection), of system security, the technical administration of the network infrastructure as well as to optimize the Internet offer. The IP address will only be evaluated in the event of attacks on the network infrastructure of

Personal, non-anonymized user profiles will not be generated.

4. Use and forwarding/disclosure of personal data

Your personal data is only use or the purposes named in section 1 and to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes.

Personal data will only be forwarded/disclosed to government institutions and public authorities within the scope of mandatory statutory provisions or in a public interest, in particular if the forwarding/disclosure is necessary in the case of attacks to my network infrastructure for the purposes of legal action or criminal prosecution (point (c) of Art. 6 (1) GDPR). This data will not be forwarded to third parties for other purposes.

5. Email

Personal data that you send per email will be saved and used to process the email according to its intended purpose. I do not wish to receive unsolicited advertising and other comparable offers.

If you wish to contact us by email, I would like to remind you that the content of unencrypted emails can be viewed by third parties. On account of the existing professional confidentiality, I hope that you will appreciate that I require a declaration releasing us from my obligation of secrecy and an exemption from liability from you should you wish to use modern communication channels for contact with us. You can request this declaration from us by phone or fax as mentioned above. I will fax it to you if you provide us with your fax number or send it to your postal address.

Therefore, I recommend that confidential information be sent by post. Please remember that any personal data sent by email will be stored and processed during further handling of your query (see No. 3 above).

6. Security

Technical and organizational security measures are used to protect your personal data which I manage against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction, as well as access by unauthorized persons.

7. Links to websites of other providers

My website contains links to websites of other providers, in particular to the bar association in Düsseldorf and the Chamber of Public Accountants. I would like to point out that this data protection declaration applies exclusively for my websites. I have on influence over, nor do I check, whether other providers observe the applicable data protection regulations.

8. Validity and topicality of the data protection declaration

This data protection declaration is dated October 2020 and is valid as long as it is not replaced by a revised version.

This data protection declaration may have to be amended due to the further development of my website or the implementation of new technologies. The right to amend the data protection declaration at any time with effect for the future is reserved. It is therefore recommend that you read the latest data protection regulation from time to time.

Image rights

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