Legal fields

Cross boarder business, foreign trade legislation and customs law

The core theme of my daily work is the legal framework under which goods may be traded across borders, be it in trade with third countries or in intra-community trade.

This is not limited on state taxes, like customs duties, sales tax or excise duties, but also about all types of sovereign or private law dirigisme, such as product approval, product labeling or market foreclosure, etc..

Customs law mostly deals with questions of authorizations. The focus related to imports is on questions of tariff classification and the valuation for customs purposes. Questions of origin and questions about preferences arise likewise with imports and exports.

Foreign trade law mostly deals with questions of legitimacy of export or transit transactions.

I advise my clients on all of these questions, just as I represent their interests before German and European authorities, institutions and courts.

Tax law

Given the diverse regulations under tax law, well-founded legal advice rendered in connection with questions raised in tax matters is indispensable. This applies in particular to value added (sales) tax and consumption taxes.

The interface to customs and foreign trade law includes representation in white-collar crime as well as fine-related matters.